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About MinersPlay

MinersPlay is a semi vanilla 16+ multiplayer server, set on hard. Unlike most multiplayer servers, we offer special custom world generation in both the overworld and nether. MinersPlay is a fun and clean community for everyone to enjoy. We are a semi vanilla server, meaning that we offer a few plugins to make the experience more enjoyable such as custom biomes, claimed chunks, and anti-griefing measures. We now have a Mining world which resets at the end of each month. We have no teleportation, no commands, and no game changing additions (with the exception of the custom biomes.)

We hope we strive as a community with making towns, helping one another and just being an awesome server. Come check out our greylist server meaning anyone can login. If you like what you see and want to join MinersPlay apply to be a member either on this website or in-game.

The server is maintained at a high level, and we are continuously making improvements to the server infrastructure. The friendly moderators utilize a set of various plugins to make sure no one steals items & cheats like using xray. We have a block logging system so if you were griefed we can roll back that damage.

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MinersPlay Community

MinersPlay is community oriented, we have various platforms that you can collaborate and communicate with. Stay up to date with the latest announcements and details by following us on these platforms.

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