MinersPlay Features

Our Hardware

Dedicated Dual Xeon X565, Running on SSDs , w/DDOS Protection. Hosted in Montreal, QB, Canada


We have active staff on daily both in game and on Discord, to help assist players is all time zones. Staff are frienly and are there when you need them.


Our community is super friendly and will help out anyone. We try to keep the community free of drama. We want a place to come and relax after we get home from work or school.

Custom Terrain

We use a Custom World Painter Map which gives us custom vanilla biomes, with epic trees, landscapes and more. Our terrain has minumum lag for the player.

IP: mc.minersplay.com

To get started in game just type /apply in chat to become greylisted.

About MinersPlay


MinersPlay uses the DynMap plugin which allows players to see the overworld and nether.

No Overworld Resets

We know you hate losing all your hard work you put in your builds. We try to preserve all and make sure the main world never resets. (World will be reset for 1.13, due to biome changes)

No Commands

MinersPlay is as close to being vanilla without being vanilla. Members do not have /home, /spawn, /tp, or /warp. Instead we use a nether hub for vanilla transport.

What Our Players Say ABout Us

Truly a great server. Community is pretty small but not too small, its growing by the day. Staff is amazing, custom biomes are stunning, only necessary plugins that don’t take away from the vanilla experience at all. Survival is on hard, i mean.. what else could i ever ask for. Enjoying my stay a lot, and i encourage all to join the fun.

- ProRules

I joined it on day one as a regular user and everyone was super friendly and chill. All the players on here are super nice and respectful, and not to mention incredibly helpful, so if you want a relaxing community focused server this one’s definitely for you.

- Piro15

I am a guy that usually jumps from server to server. But after I’ve joined this one, I really don’t feel like leaving, the experience is probably the best i have had over the past few years and i am not exaggerating. The biomes are stunning, mobs are hard. Pure survival with amazing people and community overall.

- majuinebuu

Server Owner

Creator of MinersPlay & oversees the entire community and server management.


Server Admin, performs server and plugin technical support and maintenance.


Your friendly server moderator who organizes community events and builds.


Everyone favorite Steve, your friendly server tour guide. He is the servers father figure.


Resident trouble maker, has a weird thing for bees and outlaw. Also hes making a space ship.