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Sponsor MinersPlay

MinersPlay runs on one of the best minecraft server providers with top notch hardware. This allows us to make sure there are no interruptions in game play, such as lag. We want to make sure the server is up 99.9% of the time for the top player experience. However this does come with a price, running MinersPlay and maintaining it is not free. Since November 2017 this server has been 100% funded by the community. Server members have no obligation in donating, but any donations we receive are appreciated. To thank the members who have sponsored, we offer a few non game altering perks. We do not support Pay to win, its just unfair to the rest of the community.


Sponsor Perks

Command: /ignore IGN – Give you the ability to ignore other players in chat.
Command: /co i – CoreProtect’s inspection tool. Allows you to see who was in your chests, removed a block, ect. Very useful.
Command: /dynmap hide/show – Hide yourself on the dynmap, great for those secret projects
Command: /nick Allows you to change your nickname ingame.

Command: /hat Allows you to wear whatever item you are holding in your hand as as hat. Even works with items such as tools.

Bypass the AFK kick time limit of 30 mins
You will be able to see claims nearby, using the arrow in game. Helpful when making claims, to see who has claimed what.

Cyan Name in the Tab Menu, and chat >

Sponsor Now

**All of these perks are granted for 30 days per $5.00 for sponsor The minimum donation amount is $5.00.

Make sure to include your IGN in the notes so we can change you to the sponsor rank.**