Relaunch Coming Soon & 1.13 News

Hello Miners

With the announcement of 1.13 being on July 18th, we are getting ready to relaunch the server and map. Our new map for 1.13 will be 16k x 16k larger than the current map, and have all new terrain. Things will stay the same plugin wise for the most part. The server will stay being a greylist semi vanilla server, with the exception of removing Epic World Generator and moving to Bukkit. Now onto the part everyone has been asking about, moving of builds. We are doing a soft restart meaning we will be moving player builds over if they would like. This is completely optional, but this option is there for those who don’t want to lose out on their current projects. Unfortunately we will not be transferring player data, so whatever is in your enderchest and inventory will be wiped. The following will be required in order to move your build over.

  • Part of a build or the whole thing.
  • Coords of where your current build is.
  • Dimensions of the build (required)
  • What biome do you want in the new map.
  • How close to spawn?

Let any of the staff know on Discord about what you want transferred. Once your build has been transferred on the new map we will let you know of the location. One final note, we wont be necessarily be on 1.13 right away, we have you wait for either Bukkit to update or the new map. If you have any questions let us know by using the #new-map channel on Discord.

Updates & Season 2

Hi Miners,

We wanted to update you guys on whats been going on around the server. First of all we want to showcase the new server cinematic. We feature all sorts of builds in this video. Unfortunately we ended up missing a few, such as washwithcare’s base and more. However we hope that you like the video:

Now that brings us to the next part, unfortunately with the way 1.13 generates worlds and such its not possible to keep the world. 1.13 changes the world generation with new biomes, new algorithms. So the staff and I have talked it over and feel its right to reset the world. I know at this point im eating my own words, when I originally setup the server I said I was never planning on a reset in the near future. Hopefully season 2 will be around alot longer than 8 months.

New Map Ideas:

We want the new map to have all the new biomes, and much more. Thats why a custom 16k x 16k map is being designed as we speak. This map will have the custom biomes, and non vanilla terrain that everyone has come to love. But to make the map even better we want your feedback on what should be added. So far this is what is planning on being added.

  • Custom Villages
  • Custom Woodland Mansions
  • Giant Cavens
  • Great Looking Spawn

These are just some of the ideas that the staff have come up with. If you have any ideas for the new map, use the #new-map channel on discord. If you have any other questions let me know on Discord.



Relaunch and Season 2?

Hi Miners,

We wanted to let you all know about the upcoming relaunch. We plan on doing some extra things to get more players on for 1.13, such as the website redesign, changes in staff and small discord changes.

There may be some changes to the server depending on who wants a new season. We label each world as a season, which would mean a server reset. There originally wasn’t going to be a server reset for 1.13, but the idea has been thrown around. Because we use a plugin epic world generation, there may be a chance the server won’t update to 1.13 right away. It could take months depending on how fast that plugin updates. Another reason is we use spigot which breaks all the things, such as the guardian farm (we had to use spawners). Certain red stone aspects. And non spawning is way out of control, now you might ask why we don’t change to bukkit. Well EWG doesn’t work with bukkit.

So here is what we would like, there will be a poll attached to this post. We would like your input about if we should distant as season one or start a new season for 1.13.


Poll Link:

Ends June 8th, 2018


Once we get the results there will be a new post about what is happening next.